Keeping the Website Open

With the formal Dissolution of the Association on 6th September 2020 it had been intended to also close down the Website from the same date.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the 2020 Reunion Weekend had to be cancelled but the Committee felt that the Members should have one last chance to meet, in the spirit of comradeship, despite the Association having formally ceased to exist.

The decision was therefore taken to provisionally arrange a Final Dinner for July 2021, in the hope that the effects and restrictions of the current Pandemic would have either abated, or an effective vaccine had become available.

As a result of the Dissolution the Committee also ceased to exist formally, and since no further Newsletters will be published, the decision was taken to keep the Website open, in a much reduced format, so that up to date information on the Final Dinner could still be communicated.

Visit the Website on a regular basis and check for any updates on the Final Dinner.

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