Important Information on the 2020 Reunion


Thank you for returning your RAFBEA reservation form and cheque for the 2020 reunion.

As you will appreciate the current covid-19 pandemic has and is playing havoc with numerous events nationwide and shows little sign of abating. Last week I held meetings with Harper Adams and it was agreed that this Septembers’ reunion should be postponed as it would be impossible to adhere to the current social distancing rules.

Secondly, I am very mindful of the fact that many members have underlying health conditions and we are all in the vulnerable age group for catching corona virus.

We looked at alternative dates with the first being over the Easter 2021 holidays. Unfortunately, many students do not go home for Easter and those that do leave their personal belongings in their rooms. Consequently, the university are only able to offer a limited number of bedrooms which is well below the number we require. Therefore, the final reunion will take place as follows:

Arrival Thursday July 8th 2021 with departure on Saturday July 10th. Harper Adams have kindly agreed to hold this years’ prices for July 2021. The RAFBEA Standard will be laid up at RAF Cosford Church on the Saturday following departure from H.A.

If the country is still in the grips of covid-19 next July the final reunion will be cancelled and NO alternative date offered. Basically, the Association will close without a final reunion and your money will be refunded.

Please choose one of options below:

1 - Take a full refund of the money you have paid now and cancel your reservation.

2 - Leave the money you have paid with the RAFBEA and attend the July 2021 reunion.

If I do not receive your request for a refund by July 25th, the Association will hold your money as payment for the 2021 final reunion.

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