The Boy Entrant Eagle

Earlier this year, following on from a suggestion from OC No 1 S of TT, RAF Cosford, the Committee took the decision to sponsor a Trophy, which would be awarded annually, and formally presented to the winner at the Station Honours and Awards Presentation Ceremony. The Trophy itself would remain on display at RAF Cosford, suitably inscribed with the name of the winner, who would also receive a framed Certificate. Provision of the Trophy was delegated to Snr Boy Dave Morgan, who was successful in identifying a design and manufacturing company who could undertake the commission and produce the Trophy, to be known as "The Boy Entrant Eagle", to the required specification and within the agreed timescale. Having commissioned the Trophy the Committee proposed that, since most of the other Trophies were presented to high achievers, the Eagle should be awarded to the Trainee who best met the following criteria:

1. Successfully completes the training despite adversity.

2. Whose achievement surpassed initial expectations.

3. Who commences training without the advantages of others but by the realisation of what can be achieved through fortitude and industry, succeeds in becoming a much valued team member.

The Committee is pleased to report that No 1 S of TT accepted this proposal without any amendment.

On Saturday 10th September the Trophy was initially unveiled to the Members at the AGM, before being formally presented to Wg Cdr Chris Jones, the OC No 1 S of TT, by the President Mel Kidd, during the Reunion Dinner later that evening.

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