These Pages were previously the Official Website of the Association which was  Officially Dissolved on 6th September 2020.

  The following pages will remain live until after the proposed Final Dinner in July 2021

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RAF Benevolent Fund Support for Serving Personnel and Veterans

Boy Entrants Memorial Day 2020 at the Arboretum 


Cheques made Payable to the Association

VERY IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ AND TAKE ACTION The Treasurer has just been informed by the Association Bank that in future any cheques made payable to the Association must have the FULL TITLE of the Association. All cheques forwarded in respect of payment for the forthcoming 2020 Reunion must now be made payable to: "RAF Boy Entrants Association". Cheques received using "RAFBEA" may be rejected by the bank which could lead to non-payment for your Reunion Reservation and consequently may mean you would not be able to attend.

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