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These Pages are dedicated to the Memory of those Ex-Boy Entrants who have now passed on. The information shown below is an alphabetical list of all those whose names appear in the what was originally the Boy Entrant Association's Book of Remembrance.   While every effort has been made to ensure that the information is correct, apologies are offered for any distress caused by errors or omission.  The information only being updated periodically, the names of those recently deceased may not be displayed.


The names of all deceased Ex-Boy Entrants, regardless of Membership of the previous Association, can be entered into the Book of Remembrance by supplying the Deceased's Full Name, Service Number, Entry Number, Trade, Training Station and Date of Death.   Next of Kin's contact details are also requested but will not be displayed.


Information on deceased Ex-Boy Entrants should be advised by using the "Contact Us" facility. However, it is requested that, wherever possible, the family of the deceased is aware that the information is being submitted prior to it being advised. 


Use the scroll bar to the right of the table or use the search box to find names or stations etc.


Please note that the data displayed below was originally copyright and that any information downloaded from these Pages will be regarded as uncontrolled and subject to change without notice. No liability is accepted for its use by a third party.